Here’s What’s Happening at Union Local 495

Union News

Union Meeting Scheduled For August 4th

We will be having our regularly scheduled Union Meeting August 4th.  We will be adhering to the States COVID-19 guidelines including wearing a mask as well as social distancing.  This meeting will begin 7PM. 

Union Officers

Richard Keith Pool, Business Manager/FST
Office Phone: (740) 439-3623
Cell: (740) 632-3263

Chad Walker, Business Agent
Office Phone: (740) 512-8225
Cell: (740) 512-8225

Marc Barnett, President

Jayson Sustik, Vice President

Greg Lauvray, Recording Secretary

James Spreainde, Inside Guard

Health/Welfare Office 866-301-3776
Local Annuity Office 866-301-3776
Medical Mutual 800-315-3137
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