Hire Union Plumbers & Pipefitters

What are the Benefits of Hiring Union Workers?

Union plumbers and pipefitters deliver a standard of excellence unmatched by non-union workers. When you partner with UA Local 495 you’re hiring plumbers and pipefitters with the highest expertise, experience and safety standards. Union works are loyal, dependable, and highly-trained. Hiring union workers helps the local economy by providing well-paying jobs in the community. When you hire union plumbers and pipefittings, you are assuring that you have everything you need to get the job done right.

Important Documents for Contractors

Please use the following documents when requesting and or returning manpower to the hall.

Company Requesting Manpower
Termination-Layoff Notification

For Up-to-Date Remittance Reports, Contact Heather, Office Manager
(740) 439-3623